About Me:

My Story

I longarm because I love to do it. I learned early that I could not build enough quilt tops to keep myself longarming every day so I started by volunteering longarm services for Project Linus and Quilts of Valor Foundation. I am so grateful for the quiltmakers who let me experiment and learn on their projects. I turned out some pretty unfortunate pieces in the early days but the ladies were so kind and supportive and let me keep trying until I developed a style. Thank you Project Linus, Rogue Valley Oregon,

Custom Orders

Every job is a custom job. Your project is unique to you and the longarm quilting service I provide to complete it will complement and finish your work to the best of my ability. I welcome suggestions but most of my clients turn me loose to have my way with custom quilting their quilt tops- If you are looking for simple edge to edge quilting, you can find that cheaper at one of the large quilt finishing studios. I use a manual process and it takes many hours of hands on work to finish a quilt. When you get your quilt back from me it will be like like opening a present- invariably prettier, and nicer than you expect.

Machines and Materials

I use a King Quilter-18 longarm quilting machine. It is a reliable workhorse of a machine- No fancy options but perfect for my needs. I don’t use a robot or a computer so you will always get a unique design. Every project is custom quilting for your special project.. I furnish a variety of battings: Cotton, Bamboo and a couple of blends. 60/40 is my current favorite because it is a little loftier than 100% cotton and it is a little springier than other battings. It shows texture beautifully

 I sent Brenda quilt that my great Grandmother and my mother made pieces for. They never put it into a quilt top as my mom just didn’t have time. After she passed away, I kept the pieces hoping one day I would find someone to finish it.
While living in Hawaii a lady put the pieces into a simple top with no quilting. I loved the quilt because it came from my mom and great grandmother but it was unremarkable.
I sent this quilt to BrendaLouQuilts hoping she could do something with it. I received it back within a few weeks. I nearly fell over when I opened the package. Brenda does more than just quilt; I believe she is inspired by the the love, and as they say in Hawaii “ the mana’” of those who made the pieces. Her work is truly inspirational the quilt is more beautiful than I ever imagined it could be. Brenda you have given me a gift that is truly a one of a kind. My mom would be so pleased to see her work be honored. Worth every dollar I paid and more.
Ladies if you have something like this passed down I encourage you to send it to Brenda.   – June 2019 

Shirley in Oregon

Brenda did an amazing job on my quilt! She was easy to work with and provided so many ideas for my heart applique quilt. After she had an idea of my design preferences, I left it to her to decide what would look best. I am so glad I did. I could not have dreamed it would be so fabulous! She did so much detail work and it all pulled together beautifully. – June 2018

Dyan in California