Wash Your New Quilt

Washing (New made quilts only- NOT VINTAGE or ANTIQUE)

Your quilt is made to be used.  Lay on it, under it, take it to the park, throw it on the couch.  It is stitched to last and you won’t hurt it by using it. Exposure to sunlight will cause fading.

If you get a quilt from me, it will have had its first machine wash (except antique, silk, or vintage quilts). I use chalk to mark and I don’t want any chalk dust left behind. The crinkles and puckers are considered by most quilt enthusiasts to be desirable evidence of a handcrafted product but if you don’t like these, a pressing will smooth it out again.

Machine wash the quilt using a mild laundry detergent. No bleach.  It is OK to use the spin cycle to remove excess water. Dry the quilt on medium heat in a dryer and remove immediately when done.  Your quilt will continue to soften with each washing.  Press if desired. Tee-Shirt quilts should be pressed from the back only. Quilts with Poly batting should be pressed on low heat.

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