Prepare your top

Regardless where you send your quilt top for finishing, you will want to make sure it is well pressed, seams are nested and pressed flat and in the correct direction to make the smoothest top you can. I like to get tops that have been starched and steamed because they lay down and I don’t have to fuss with seam allowances that want to roll. Take a few extra minutes to trim loose threads and avoid ruffled borders by measuring carefully and not stretching the fabric when you sew it on.

Prepare your backing

Backing should be ample. It takes 2-3 inches to to get in onto the rollers top and bottom, and frequently tops are not sewn perfectly square, or not loaded onto the frame perfectly straight, so some wiggle room in every direction is needed. Make your backing 8 inches longer and wider than the widest/longest measurement of your top. If your back is pieced and has a seam, your longarmer will load it so the seam rolls up parallel to the roller bars to avoid one section getting thicker as the quilt is taken up on the bar. If you have a directional preference, be sure to label that for your quilter. If you are sending your top to me, consider letting me provide the backing. it saves shipping in one direction and I have access to a good variety of extra wide fabrics so there are no seams in the backing.