Quilts from the attic

Getting Started

I started to work on the first of the 3 quilts Aunt Ruby sent me. The first step was to press and give it a close look over to see if it needed any repair. It is in surprisingly good shape given what Ruby told me about how old it is. I did learn that is was machine pieced. I am also seeing some fabric that I think came from my childhood bed-sheets (the purple) which would put the assembly of the top sometime after 1970. I think some of the blocks are much older…Ruby, Do you have any more info on this one? I used a warm iron and Best Press to give it a little stiffness as it was floppy and it has a bit of stretchiness.

I decided to use a continuous curve design on the whole quilt. It should go down pretty smoothly and look very nice without over-complicating this quilt. It feels good to be making progress on this. I have 3 “paying customers” coming in this week so I plan to be finished with this one by the weekend…Maybe…lets all pray for a snow-day.

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