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Binding it up

so the red-Squares quilt top from my Aunt’s Attic was finished this week. It quilted up beautifully and I had a nice bit of Kona Cotton in my stash that was just the right color. I debuted a few fabrics before settling on the solid and I think it turned out really well. My Aunt will finish the hand work (Really glad for that…)


This is laid out on my king sized bed. I think this will work well on a queen, or double. It ended up at 68 x 76. I changed my mind about the purple squares. I think there are part of the original piecing after all. It was so satisfying to finish this project started almost 80 years ago. Remarkable really. I cant wait to get going on the other 2 family quilts… I believe it honors the work of the maker to finish what they started. – it affirms that the work they did was not time wasted- materially and personally. I would love to hear about your legacy projects and if I can help you I am happy to do that. BLQ

4 thoughts on “Binding it up”

  1. I’m currently seeking binding advice! I’ve made a quilt for a family member and need to get it in the mail. Yesterday so I Maxine sewed it on and it’s not
    Covering up all the grey thread I used to make g th he top. I’ve changed to black thread, ripped sides off twice. I can either rip off ALL the sides and start binding all over or hand sew. What is your suggestion?

    1. If I am reading this correctly, you are saying you don’t have quite enough with in your binding to wrap all the way around and cover the first stitching? Is that right? How wide did you cut your binding? Give me a few more details, I have a couple ideas

    2. Hi- if this is reply #3, I apologize- still learning how to work this… I have a couple ideas for you- can you send me a picture of what you mean? I think I understand but would like to get a look at what you are saying about it not covering your thread…

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